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Category: DynoTech

I have had this auto stored for over twenty years awaiting restoration and believe it has been under cover all of it’s life. I have most of the very interesting history of this rare auto. It is believed that five of this model came into British Columbia in Total produced was With creeping age, and circumstances has made it impractical for me to continue this restoration. So, I’m looking for a good home for this special auto. Please call for further details – Located in Kamloops, British Columbia.

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For the second time in two days. This was before the the technician even did the test. That made no sense to me, so I drove over to the well respected auto repair shop that services our cars. He looked at the car.

Garage” the best handling Porsche in stock form.”, J. Pasha, Excellence Garage FAQ. 14 December AM. Introduction: Welcome to the Garage FAQ. This FAQ is designed to answer most of the commonly asked questions that arise .

By Michael Harding September 28, Dakota Digital has been making gauges and instrument clusters for classic cars, street rods, and muscle cars for decades, and their new line of VHX instruments have been a huge hit with the restomod crowd. Both give your custom car a great look when it comes to instrumentation. Before the days of EFI and computers, this swap was fairly simple: The major concerns were what size engine, and what size carburetor to use.

Gauges were a lot easier to connect back then, and aftermarket gauges typically included the sender that works with that gauge. But with the popularity of the LS engine swaps into classic cars, like our LSA swap into a Nova that we call Project Swinger , there are other considerations that need to be made. You have to retain all of the factory senders, because they are needed to communicate with the ECM.

Fortunately, you can get harnesses with all of the proper connectors needed for the factory senders and the ECM, but if you want your Dakota Digital gauges to work properly you have to get the information directly from the ECM, not the factory senders. The earlier revisions had a brushed aluminum housing on the control box.

The connections are simple, and this interface module is the only way to get your ECM to communicate with the control box, providing the data is available and accurate from the ECM. In addition to speed, tachometer, and engine temperature, you can also get intake air temperature, transmission temperature, ambient air temperature and gear position.

How do you install a Transmission Temp gauge?

In the vein of Project X, the AMD Chevelle started with an extensive ground up restoration, with the overall goal to make it a long-term test project car. With the original long gone, we built and installed a. Next up was a set of Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. Problem was the car had never been to the strip and we wanted to see what we were starting with.

You want to end up with ~” (no less than “) on a Chevy distributor; some engines like the Olds need to have the end play adjusted differently. Take the measurement of the gap and subtract ” from it, the result is the shim thickness needed.

My power windows don’t move at all! Check the fuse on the power window relay as well as the relay itself for the windows. Also clean the contacts on the switches as noted above – the current for the passenger window passes through the driver’s side switch, so check them all. Can I switch out my 85mph speedometer with a faster one? It is for the same reason that the national speed limit was set at 55mph.

However, this regulatory goal may or may not have something to do with the US government giving large amounts of money to the Chrysler Corporation to produce K-cars. Can I fit the

S-10 V8 (LS, LT) Custom Wiring

Low cost Tachometer Filter If you’re tach is troubled by a bouncy needle, or the needle “floats” when you get on the gas, this little filter will solve the problem. Why the tach bounces: A tachometer “counts pulses” If the pulses from your ignition are not smooth, the tach may see more or less than there really are, and this can cause erratic needle movement. With most aftermarket high performance tach’s, this may not be a problem, but if you have a factory tach, and add an HEI or other high powered electronic ignition, you may get a bouncy needle.

This device will smooth out the tach needle on any engine.

Parts Classic Antique Car Truck Tachometer Tach Repair Restoration classic antique car parts tachometer speedometer clock gauge repair restoration. AND Camaro Instrument Repair and Calibration! AND SEE THE NEW CAMARO! THE TACHMAN CAN, SO SEND YOUR CAMARO CLUSTER FOR A FREE EVALUATION!.

Remove the distributor cap, right valve cover and the 4 cyl rocker arms and pedestal. Set up a dial gauge on the 4 intake push rod. Rotate the engine to TDC 1 cylinder. If the dial reads thousands, your valve timing is right. If the dial reads thousands, your valve timing is retarded or your chain is streched. If the dial reads thousands, your valve timing is to far advanced.

These s are for stock engines and wouldn’t work for engines with aftermarket cams. By inducing high voltage in the tube, the gas is ionized and thereby lights up. In the case of plug wires glowing, the Corona effect can happen when atmospheric conditions are right. Thereby causing the glow.


This Elite was stored every winter and was bought in California in , no rust and maintenances were done on a regular base, mechanic A1. The grooming conversion was completed in Van body has white paint and dimensions are 9 feet tall and about 20 feet long.

Find CHEVROLET L/ CHEVY SMALL BLOCK GEN I MSD Ignition Distributors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! CHEVROLET L/ CHEVY SMALL BLOCK GEN I MSD Ignition Distributors. You Have Selected. Display Options. Pro-Billet Tach Drive, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical, Vacuum Advance, Chevy, Big/Small Block, Each.

Lesson Learned But here is a lesson I learned. In fact, the surge is so great on the 96 corvette that they have a surge tank and a recovery tank. But the real problem is when the radiator recalls that same volume of coolant back and half of it is on the ground, it then sucks in air and these reverse coolant system are very sensitive to air in the system. So I went back to the ugly recovery bottle.

Not so ugly when you get a new one. Bleed screw on the water outlet. Flush the radiator out. Some LT1s have two. Everybody says remove both to flush; even the manual. I only removed one to do my flush. Coolant looks pretty good and clean. After the flush and you fill the system with coolant, you will inevitably have air in the system. You have to bleed the air out through the bleed screw which is on the water outlet. However, make your life easy.

Wiring and Interior Installation: C3 Corvette Restoration Guide

Likes Received 11 Everybody is right. On the 10 SI units, the lead on the left, looking from the rear of the unit, marked ‘1’ is generally called the ‘idiot light’wire. GM once placed a resistor in parallel with the light, in case the bulb burned out. This post once needed ground to allow alternator turn on.

Replacement Tach Filter. New OEM Look Corvette and GM tach filter. This is a direct replacement for the OEM GM tach filter used on the Corvette and other same year GM cars. Although this tach filter is not % as original it is very close.

Priced way below similar cars. I have too many projects and I’m running out of time. Frame off restoration was completed 8 years ago and has been driven very little since. This car is a clone GTO, built with all original, period correct parts. Runs, drives, stops excellent. Only 58, miles, you must see to appreciate. I have serviced the car from bumper to bumper and have all the paper work and invoices.

You can see this great car is like new! Make an offer, this car is to be sold. Well restored a combination of superior restoration and excellent original.

1992 Chevrolet Other tachometer

As is common in automotive manufacturing, the sophomore model of any production vehicle is often a carryover from its inaugural year, with the changes occurring to correct for errors in the initial design — errors that are often identified as the result of feedback from both the automotive media and consumers alike. This was definitely the case for the Corvette. The exterior door handles were changed from the conventional door grip with thumb button to a single-piece door lever that was depressed as the door was gripped during opening.

A new headlight washer system was introduced and the windshield washer jets were relocated to the wiper arms. The hidden wiper system, which allowed the wiper blades to be concealed when not in use, was further complicated for the model year when engineers introduced an override switch to the system that allowed the vacuum-operated panel to be left up during freeze conditions.

This tachometer filter can be used as a direct replacement for the original GM tachometer filter which is no longer available from GM (replacement for Chevrolet Corvette tachometer filter, and many other GM vehicles).

I have a Cobalt with factory hp motors that was built for Paxton, the president of Cobalt. Less than hrs on engines and 2. John Smith Just purchased a Cobalt The depth finder works for seconds and then goes back to 1 foot. Any ideas on troubleshooting? Geoff Anyone know what the warning beeper means. Not the one for depth finder, one that beeps every 10 seconds or so from the engine compartment. Scott Damman The only experience I have had like this that I could not figure out at the time was when my drive oil container up front had a small leak, therfore the lube was running a bit low.

How to Install a Tachometer on most older bigger GM vehicles!(Watch in HQ)

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