Beswick Pottery – A Guide to ‘Backstamps’ Or Porcelain Marks on Beswick Figurines

Beswick Pottery – A Guide to ‘Backstamps’ Or Porcelain Marks on Beswick Figurines

Shaw called his company the Sheaf Art Pottery, but the wares produced were not produced by hand as in many art pottery studios – rather they were mass produced in moulds and then hand decorated. They were very ornate and heavily decorated with gold and a lot of hand painting. Over the years many different decorative techniques were used and so a wide range of fancy goods can be found today. In the early s aerography was used with hand painting, followed by lithographic transfers with hand embellishments. Lustre wares were produced and, from the late s until the s , a cellulose finish, in imitation of Wedgwood jasper ware. In the s a matt glaze was created and applied to a huge range of animal figures, vases and other decorative items. Production of some of these continued until and these matt wares are perhaps the best known of the SylvaC range.

Identify Antique China Patterns

Sumida Noritake Morimura Bros. Nippon Toki Kaisha factory from a picture inside of a Noritake bowl dated February 19th, , commemorating the new Showa emperor Hirohito’s visit to the Nagoya factory in his second year on the throne. On the inside the picture is surrounded by the newly invented lusterware surface. Mark – RC – “Royal Crockery” on top of a Yajirobe toy of balance symbol, symbolizing the balance in management.

Registered in for domestic use Japan. Pictures courtesy of Bill Little,

Paragon Backstamps. Backstamps are essentially trade marks, the main purpose of which is to indicate the manufacturer of a piece of china. Changes in these trade marks recorded from time to time enable collectors to estimate the approximate date of manufacture of an item.

I’ve been trying for about 20 years now. Yet it’s not due to a lack of interest, just a lack of availability. The auctions I’ve been seeing over the last six months at eBay for pieces of this pattern are indicative of it’s recent rediscovery and growing popularity. Since I failed to find any information on it on the web, I decided I may as well make available what little information I have. This page is it. About 20 years ago David came home from an estate sale with a collection of what looked like very old, very pretty blue and white dishes.

Most pieces had a colorless number stamped into them as well. The collection he brought home included a gorgeous 14″ oval platter, a smaller 12″ oval platter. Each piece had a different ‘picture’ on it, though all were of English Scenery and had the same lovely floral border. Or, I should say, almost the same border.

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How to Date a Royal Doulton Toby Jug From the RN Number Laura Crawley Toby jugs — porcelain mugs in the shape of a seated man in a tricornered hat holding a mug of his own — were first made in the 18th century, and have continued to be popular ever since. The Royal Doulton factory had been manufacturing rather plain Toby jugs since In , designer Charles Noke created a series of Toby jugs depicting the head and shoulders of fictional, and later also some real male characters.

They also created a few jugs modelled on women, such as Charles Dickens’ character Sairey Gamp. These 20th century Toby jugs became very popular, and were made from to the present.

Century marks are printed, for a while, dating royal worcester porcelain use a combination of characteristics of the coddler. Larger low jars or shallow smaller jars, the Fonthill dating royal worcester porcelain is the earliest Chinese porcelain object to have reached Europe.

The border has a wide band of light brown with a narrower darker brown inner rim. The center features a dahlia-like flower of light torquoise on a light brown background. The pattern was produced from to Oasis Franciscan’s Oasis pattern came out in I believe it could have been the inspiration for Vernonware’s Heavenly Days as the patterns are so similar. Oasis has a white background with blue and gray squares and a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines going across.

It also has stars which Heavenly Days does not. This pattern is gaining in popularity and is nearly as popular as its contemporary, the Starburst pattern. October I am partial to Franciscan October pattern since I have and love it. It features colored autumn leaves on a cream background with a dark brown trim. You can’t get any better than this for your Thanksgiving table! Not bad for an Octoberfest, either.

Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question

Expert Interview on Collecting Depression Glass His abilities got him noticed and in he made a complete set of dishes for Queen Charlotte. His business grew rapidly with the notoriety from his claims of being the potter to the Queen. When Josiah Wedgwood died in he left his business to his sons. They were uninterested in running it and over the next century, although the china manufactured was of the highest quality, the business struggled.

Country homes antiques information will require a history dating collectable wedgwood collector in the macintyre picked this type of moorcroft is an aldi, ny. backstamps and see them when he helped give the best to the moorcroft pottery.

If your number is higher, but less than the number for the next year, then your item had it’s design registered during that year. In July the numbering sequence changed as indicated on the chart. The last number issued in July was and began again In August starting with number To give an example using the number above the chart, Rd means: Design of your item was registered during The Public Record office and the British Government tend to enforce these marks and registration numbers.

Companies located outside the UK who have reproduced items, and tried to use a facsimile of the marks or numbering system have been sued, and have had sanctions imposed against them.


Chamber pots The humble, once essential chamber pot has found a new lease of life in modern households as an attractive object in its own right. In Queen Victoria’s day, only the wealthy could afford the new-fangled water closet Prince Albert had a portable one installed in his bedroom – the average citizen had to be content with a ‘guzunder’. This nickname for the chamber pot referred to the habit of sliding it under the bed at night guzunder ‘goes under the bed’ , but in fact chamber pots were used in other parts of the house too.

One Response to “Real Wedgwood and Marks” Tina McMaster February 13, hi, my husband 92yr old grandmother has a dark blue vase that she says is a portland vase & it looks just like all the other portland vases I find on the net but on the bottom it has either soello ware or spello ware.

Basically, the number of types of antique marks used for ceramics manufactured in the official kilns during each reign period is limited. These kilns operated under the supervision of court officials and everything, including the decoration, was strictly regulated. The usage of marks on these was also restricted by the court, and this in turn did not allow for the multitude of marks used by private kilns Minyao.

Antique porcelain marks or potter’s marks containing the artisan’s name were very rare on ceramics made by private kilns until the 19th century. On imperial porcelain such marks were virtually non-existent. The only exception of personal marks were perhaps the marks applied in the 18th century by Tang Ying at the imperial kiln at Jingdezhen. Ebook Introduction to Chinese Porcelain Tang Ying was the official assigned by the palace as kiln overseer.

He is credited with an excellent contribution to the ceramics manufactured at the imperial kiln during his time. He sometimes applied a mark representing him. About a dozen of his marks are known. Generally said, individual potter’s marks were otherwise non-existent on imperial porcelain or pottery.

Guide to Bone China Backstamps

We are delighted to offer a fantastic range of Beswick figurines and collectibles in searchable listings – in short, all you could wish for to complete your Beswick collection! We are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of Beswick Beatrix Potter available for sale right now on eBay at some unbeatable discounts! Please click the links to the left and browse our categories, or alternatively, use our search facility above. Alternatively, just key in what you’re looking for, hit the search button, and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

A free and independent directory of contemporary and historical ceramics – individually selected for inclusion Marks and Backstamps on Porcelain and Pottery. The following sites include reproductions of ceramic marks, which can be freely accessed.

During the second baking in the oven came the color. A century later they moved on to white-baking clay like the English example of Wedgwood. For the manufactoring of Delft pottery the clay ingredients are carefully selected. The clay consists of approximately 10 different raw materials of wich the most important are: This white clay gives the opportunity to paint directly after the first baking and only then immerse them in glaze and for the second time to bake. It gives a sharper drawing.

After the glaze is applied in unfired state it is opaque as you can see on the left vase. The decoration resurfaces at that stage. The chemical and physical reaction between clay, engobe, paint and glaze at that temperature is what creates the typical Delft Blue color, like the cup in the middle of the picture.

A pharmacy bottle including the intertwined initials JT of Joost Thooft the owner of the company in and the word Delft written in this manner. Left of the mark you see the initials of the painter and to the right two letters indicate the code years. The knowledge about the application of these colors came from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Under Shop you can find this colorful collection Delft Black Earthenware: Vibrant Delft colors on a laquer black background.

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He had gained much experience in the manufacture of good quality china, having been in business with his father for many years. John Aynsley retired in July Irving subsequently joined his father-in-law as a partner in the Star China Company when Illingworth retired in Such was the popularity of Paragon China that in the company decided to change its name and in became The Paragon China Company.

Full text of “Marks and monograms on European and Oriental pottery and porcelain with historical notices of each manufactory: Preceded by an introductory essay on the vasa fictilia of the Greek, Romane-British, and mediaeval eras” See other formats.

If you are trying to find the meaning of elusive pottery marks or need to research famous potters we have a large selection of both and are adding to the site all the time. There are some useful guides about how to look after your collection, and even start your collection. Please feel free to bookmark the site and browse at your convenience. Collecting Pottery Sylvac cat People have admired fine china pottery for centuries, but collecting ordinary domestic pottery and local wares is a more recent interest.

Pottery by fashionable makers and designers is expensive, especially in antique shops and specialised sales, but it is still possible to build an interesting collection of modern ceramics without breaking the bank. Starting a pottery collection Keep your eyes open. You need great enthusiasm and a willingness to hunt for interesting pottery everywhere you go. Look out for antique fairs, general auctions, house clearance sales, junk shops and car boot sales — anywhere that might have china and pottery for sale.

Have you looked in your own attic. After years of the Antiques Roadshow, there are not many genuine Ming vases just waiting to be picked up for a song, but some copies have become collectable and valuable in their own right. The recent vogue for Clarice Cliff has led to faking of pieces like the conical sugar shakers — the originals can fetch thousands of pounds at auction. The cunning forgers use household dust from vacuum cleaners and tea to age their copies.

Look out for normal wear, particularly on the base of household pottery — genuine wear from years of use is more difficult to fake than dust.

Beswick Pottery – A Guide to ‘Backstamps’ Or Porcelain Marks on Beswick Figurines

Doulton then found employment as a thrower at a small pottery in Vauxhall Walk, owned, following the death of her husband, by a Mrs Martha Jones. In Mrs Jones retired, the partnership was dissolved and Doulton and Watts continued the business on their own account. The dissolution of the partnership and the start of he Doulton business is recorded in the London Gazette for 4th February John Doulton Jnr b.

Wedgwood Identification and Dating Alan Cuthbertson April 21, Dating Wedgwood No Comments Unlike most old English potters, Josiah Wedgwood marked the majority of his products and Wedgwood Identification and Dating marks are something for which the collector should always look.

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. The color varies from dark royal cobalt blue to navy or steel blue. The flow may be very slight to a heavy blur, where the pattern cannot be easily recognized. The blue color does not permeate through the body of the china. Known patterns of flow blue were first produced around in the Staffordshire area of England. Credit is generally given to Josiah Wedgwood, who worked in that area.

They were attempting to imitate the blue and white wares brought back by the ship captains of the tea trade. Early flow blue, s to s, was usually of the pearlware or ironstone variety. The later patterns, s to s, and the modern patterns after , were of the more delicate semi-porcelains. Most flow blue was made in England but it was made in many other countries, as well. Many patterns were made in the United States by several companies:

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Your Pottery Questions – and Answers On this page are the third series of questions that our ceramics expert Clive Hillier is dealing with from his pottery messageboard. Keep checking to find out if he has answered YOUR question! We have so many hundreds of questions to our pottery expert Clive Hillier that he can only answer them one way – by talking his way through the answers!

H. F. Wedgwood White and Gold Vintage Bone China Cake Plate / Sandwich Plate £ H. F. Wedgwood White and Gold Vintage Bone China Milk Jug / Cream Jug £ H. F. Wedgwood White and Gold Vintage Bone China Sugar Bowl £

I felt I should write about them instead as I’d recently taken a 5 month or so hiatus from blogging. I did promise to share it today though, so here it is! I took the liberty of naming it “Monica’s Herbs De Provence Vegetable Beef Stew” for and after my sister-n-law who made it for some of my kids and hers one night in January when we’d gone over for a visit.

She was busy chopping up all these veggies, throwing them into a big stock pot of yumminess and when I asked about it she just said she chops a bunch of this, a handful or two of that, a can of that, some of this, etc. That’s my kind of cooking but of course it can be difficult to tell someone else how it’s made. I do believe I’ve got it down though and it will be easy for you to make yourself. I’ve made it three times since January including day before yesterday.

It’s been referred to as the bomb diggity every time. I’ve made it twice in the past few weeks.


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